Medicine Books for Sale

These medicine books were created to help navigate non-ordinary reality and otherworldly experiences. Each book is an individual journey that offers grounded safe guidance. No one book is like another but they all offer the reader insight and support in contemporary shamanism.


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The Guide To Contemporary Shamanism In Your Home.

Workbook is currently available in PDF version $35 Australian

The workbook offers lots of practical guidance on the medicine path of contemporary shamanism. It includes journeys both in traditional and contemporary formats as well as tips and exercises to assist you on your path. A great resource with blank pages to write your own insights.


This is a valuable manual for deep diving beginers or those who want to reboot their inner spiritual practices.


The Astral Planet Guide

Resilience 101

Available as an Ebook or  reflowable PDF for easy reading.

$11.00 Australian Dollars

This was born from traveling both within and without. Akin to the famous travel books called 'The Lonely Planet Guide'. I was inspired to write this for the Astral world and what a traveler might need on the inner quest one takes to understand the landscapes of the soul's path towards consciousness.

Much in the form of an easy reading coffee table book, The Astral Planet Guide is a great gift idea and an enjoyable journey in learning the important keys of building resilience in order to thrive as a spiritual being living here in ones earth suit.


The Bridge Between Two Worlds.

The Shamans View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity.

Available as an Ebook or reflowable PDF  for easy reading.

$11.00 Australian Dollars


This book was born out of a time of Acute Sensitivity, hearing voices and feeling invaded by entities and though forms. It has been reviewed well by Anne Deveson and Australian Journalist that founded SANE and wrote her own account of her son's mental health issues. If you are looking for an alternative view with a safe and grounded approach and tools to help navigate the inner terrors. This is the one to purchase. Good for those suffering and those that want to understand what is going on from the inside. It's very popular with sensitive people regardless of having mental health issues. Its got tips for all levels of sensitivity.


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