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Counselling & Guidance

Skype & FaceTime Sessions International


 With a Shamanic Otherworldly Twist


This is a SAFE space where you can share your deepest concerns, secrets, worries and wounds. You are welcome to share even the strangest of thoughts and concepts and in return be validated and supported to find your path to wellness.

I work in line with my medicine spirit kin to offer insights into your challenges as well as inner journeys and tools to navigate the spirit world safely.


Inner journeys online can be quite fun and adventurous and also very powerful depending on your needs. In venturing deeper into bigger issues, I will gently guide you to reclaim soul fragments that due to upset and trauma, have been lost and need reclaiming. Due to being an advocate of safe practices, one will need to initially build an inner core of support and strength, which I am more than happy to guide you in before you feel ready to clear your wounds. I will never force you to do anything that you find too fearful or uncomfortable. Gentleness is imperative as we walk together to release that which does not serve you any longer.  


My primary aim is to assist in creating a recipe of wellness that works for you, personally.


Skype/Facetime bookings for 1 hour $88 Aus 

1hour and a half $ 133


Booking times are confirmed upon payment (see pdf to the right)

Please go to the contact page for bookings.


Thank you for the wonderful session we had today and the tools you shared that I know will be useful to me for life. It is comforting knowing that there are persons, such as yourself, who offer such an essential perspective on what can otherwise get lost in mainstream psychiatry.   I was feeling uncertain about where I was headed just now, but your groundedness, warmth and practical approach to self-care for acute sensitivity and insightful counselling were just what I needed! To anyone interested in booking a session with Odette, I would highly recommend it.

Emma. UK

Meeting Odette and having a session with her was coming home. Odette is a grounded, authentic, energetically clean wise woman who has an open, honest and creative approach to working therapeutically. The environment she creates is a sacred space of safety and holding that activated a deep and profound healing process within me that I know is real. It continues to integrate organically on all levels of my being. I am forever grateful.  Char. Australia

With the deepest gratitude for your guidance and your heartfelt presence. The ease and fullness I feel these days is something I have not experienced before. In beginning to create a sanctuary within my body, I am able to reach out to the lost little girl and she is happy and eager to come back. The reunion is sweet and peaceful. Thank you for facilitating this deepest healing with such respect,  great tenderness and gentleness. I deeply appreciate and respect your refined and delicate way. I look forward to our next session.

With great respect and love, Maharani. Persian Gulf

Odette had this uncanny ability to make me feel safe almost immediately. I was able to be completely vulnerable and therefore allow the process to unfold naturally. What struck me the most about the session was that I had no expectations nor did I have any specific questions and Odette knew intuitively where to take me and what needed to be done at that time for my Highest Good. I was amazed at the ease with which she guided me through the session and was also very grateful for the guidance I received post the session as well. This session opened up my physical eyes and well as my spiritual eyes to a new way and a whole new world of healing. Since the session, I have been practising the journeys as guided by Odette and they have been fascinating. I have begun to restore my faith, which has been lost for a very long time in fear. Thank you, Odette!! You are a gift. Sarika. Nambibia

Before working with Odette, I was feeling completely trapped, traumatised, overwhelmed and hopeless. I didn’t think healing was possible anymore. I had worked with therapists on and off for 20 years doing specialised talk therapy, trauma reprocessing and even hypnosis. Yet even with the support of the most incredible therapists, I couldn’t seem to make sense of my place in this world and why everything seemed to be such a struggle. Why bad things kept happening to me. I believed I must have been marked for suffering or cursed even. I was scared.


Odette not only helped me feel safe and seen immediately. She opened my eyes to who I am and where I come from. I felt like I “came home”. I had a language to understand who I was and why I felt I didn’t belong. Her strategies to help me cope with some of my trauma had immediate effects. I felt immediately connected to her and as if she understood things about me that I hadn’t been able to articulate or connect the dots on. She made me feel and understand that I had value, even if no one around me could see it or appreciate it.


I have a lot of work to do and a long journey ahead, however, I trust Odette is the right guide for me on this journey. I look forward to continuing my work with her. I trust her insight and her methods and I feel in safe, loving hands. She has helped me expand my “safety net” so that I can reflect more deeply on who I am and continue to grow stronger in the direction of a better future, even if the journey right now feels hard and painful. I highly recommend her insight and her sessions.

Name withheld for privacy


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