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Safe Practices

This is the walk of the Contemporary Shaman, taught in a spiritually safe and grounded way. Support and safe guidance is offered to those that want to travel the inner landscapes in safety and especially for those who feel great sensitivity and are seeking to find balance and understanding of their soul's learning in this life. This can pertain to issues stemming from abuse, grief, mental health, spiritual emergence, astral attack, and overwhelm.


Shamans of ancient times were responsible for bringing healing, guidance, wisdom, and medicine to their community. They were known as 'The Walkers Between The Worlds.' Since then the spirit of the medicine has been dispersed. In some cases, the power of this medicine has been lost and many charlatans have misused it as a way to manipulate vulnerable people in order to get their emotional and financial needs met.

Wise guidance, inner journeys, mindful safe practices, and grounded practical tools are offered to assist in building one's own recipe of wellness. This is a service that is offered in the form of counselling, spiritual guidance, journeywork, books, and teachings.




The Credo Of This Service Is

'Safe Practices'


I honour and respect the original caretakers of all lands throughout the earth as I do the

original source of the medicine that flows through whilst being of service to those in need.

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