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 About Odette


I am a trained counsellor, case manager, community mental health worker, cellular trauma therapist and a graduate of Contemporary Shamanic Studies. When my medicine teacher passed over, I was handed the mantle to continue this path of service and its teachings.


I seek to support others in finding and navigating their way through non-ordinary reality with 'safety' and practical tools at whatever level of understanding.


I have worked within and on the fringe of the mental health system for over 20 years and now practice privately to ensure safety and trust, free from the system.


I see this work as a wonderful adventure and do all I can to make the path to balance enjoyable and beneficial to the individual while assisting them to create a recipe of wellness that fits the unique soul of the person in need.


I come from a strong Celtic bloodline with Fey knowings and a mixture of Buddhist, American Indian, Mongolian, Tibetan, Siberian and otherworldly cultural influences with a good dose of E.T connection thrown in.


I think outside the box with my feet firmly planted in this life here on earth. I am likened to a 'Spiritual Midwife', 'Psychic Gardener', and 'Wound Tracker'.


I am a HSP who is a living bridge between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. I have been cracked open by madness and found my way home to balance and harmony.



I look forward to being of service to those that

want to learn and travel safely.







I do not support religious doctrines or use plant medicines. Nor do I advocate jumping off psychiatric medication without strong guided support

from all avenues.

eve sky.jpg

This path called me strongly, to the point of cracking me wide

open to see

what depth there was

beyond ordinary reality.

It was a complete life changer.

Photo courtesy of Siva

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