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Counselilng and Guidance with a shamanic otherworldly twist.


This is a SAFE space where you can share your deepest concerns, secrets, worries and wounds. You are welcome to share even the strangest of thoughts and concepts and in return be validated and supported to find your path to wellness.


I work in line with my medicine spirit kin to offer insights into your challenges as well as inner journeys and tools to navigate the spirit world safely.


Inner journeys on Skype can be quite powerful as I guide you to reclaim soul fragments that due to upset and trauma, have been lost and need reclaiming. 


My primary aim is to assist in creating a recipe of wellness that works for you personally.


Skype/Facetime bookings 1 hour $88 Aus & 1hour and a half $ 133


Booking times are confirmed upon payment.

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Alternative Grounded Approach To Mental Health (Acute Sensitivity) issues. Counselling and Education

Mental health issues are not easy to understand or to navigate. Many people feel misunderstood, patronized and unsupported. For those that are seeking a safe place to explore and understand more of the workings of the mind  and how to safely navigate and deal with the experiences within the inner landscapes. I provides a safe place to share in confidence and tools that help navigate safely between the worlds.


For those seeking how best to support those who are having difficulty and to understand where they are coming from when dealing with other worldly experiences, I offer safe and grounded support and guidance.


I do not advocate jumping off medication. It needs to be done in tandem with patience and good support services on all fronts.

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