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My path of service is primarily to educate and help people navigate the challenges of the between world balance. I am not a healer as such. I hold space, guide, offer tools and safe pathways to understand how to travel safely and to be your own best support system. It's important to learn how to be more self-sufficient in how we manage our inner world experiences.

I teach one on one as well as occasional group training sessions, upon request.  One -on- one training is more tailored to your needs. Everyone is at a different place in their learning, so one-on-one sessions are very personal and centered on what your gifts are and how to enhance them within the shamanic framework.  The group teachings can be in person or via zoom. If you would like me to teach a group, just let me know. This can be anything from; Journeys to the inner sanctuary and learning how to navigate the changes that occur within the landscape. Animal medicine journeys. Dealing and negotiating with unwelcome astral visitors. Safe psychopomp practices. Energetic clearing exercises. Contemporary soul retrieval and more.


I keep my prices low and can offer a series of training sessions at a reasonable rate, depending on your financial circumstances and if I need to travel. We should all have access to this path of service. My Facebook page offers regular posts that are written by me along with an inspiring photo to add to your practice. You also might want to subscribe to my blog which you can find there as well, which looks at different topics from my perspective. For more reading on this path of learning, head to 'Books'.

If you are interested to learn the safe passage pathway of Contemporary Shamanism in workshop form be that online or in person please subscribe to my blog:


Doing a workshop with Odette on Shamanic Journeying was an amazing experience and opened a portal to this work that I will forever keep exploring and evolving into. Odette’s way of working is very open, gentle and educational. The exercises we practised were grounding and allowed us to find meaning in our world. It was great to be able to share with others and work in pairs to go deeper.  I feel as though I have come away from this with a new practice for my toolbox, not only for myself but to offer to those around me. I highly recommended Odette’s offerings and the beautiful environment that she created for us to learn in.  Lisa. Australia


I recently attended Odette Nightsky’s Soul Retrieval workshop and would like to recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who feels drawn to the work. I came along hoping to make sure I was on the right track before starting my practice in the Blue Mountains. Not only did I get all the information that I required: the safe, welcoming environment that Odette created for the practical training left me feeling completely ready to begin my practice in my own way. I will be forever grateful to Odette for her work and hope that many more people benefit from coming into contact with this wonderful woman.  (name withheld for privacy) Australia

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