Odette Nightsky

This path called me strongly to the point of cracking me wide open to see what depth there was

beyond ordinary reality.


I am a trained counsellor, case manager, mental health worker and a graduate of Contemporary Shamanic Studies. When my medicine teacher passed over I was handed the mantle to continue this path of service and its teachings.


I seek to support others in finding and navigating their way through non-ordinary reality with 'safety' and practical tools at whatever level of understanding.


I have worked within and on the fringe of the mental health system for over 20 years and now practice privately to ensure safety and trust, free from the system.


I am here to be of service to those who would like to explore the inner psyche, heal from abuse, trauma and fear and also as a trainer and guide for people who want to learn how to navigate otherworldly experiences via a  contemporary shamanic pathway.


I see this work as a wonderful adventure and do all I can to make the path to balance enjoyable and beneficial to the individual while assisting them to create a recipe of wellness that fits the unique soul of the person in need.


I myself come from a strong Celtic bloodline mixed with Fey knowings and a mixture of Buddhist, American Indian, Mongolian, Siberian and otherworldly cultural influences with a good dose of E.T connection thrown in.


I think outside the box with my feet firmly planted in this life here on earth. I am likened to a 'Spiritual Midwife' and a 'Wound Tracker'.


I am a living bridge between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. I have been cracked open by madness and found my way home to balance and harmony.



I look forward to being of service to those that

want to grow and evolve.







I do not advocate religious doctrines in my practice, nor do I use ethnobotanicals. I do not advocate jumping off psych medication without strong guided support from all avenues.

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